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「Chocolate」のキャンペーン 日本 4




23/05/09 - Jeeja's feeling after back from promoted movie,Chocolate,in Japan

"I went to Japan this time for promoted movie,Chocolate. It's a thing that I'm very happy and so proud that movie,Chocolate, is not just only in Thailand and go worldwide include Japan that I just went there.For me that I'm stay here like thesedays cos I'm have this movie,Chocolate.It's make me born here cos press and many people in Ba-Ram-Ewe support me.I'm thank you to everyone.

most impressive thing that happen to me in this trip to Japan is a lastday that finished to show movie for press,15th April,I must have interview to press untill 9 p.m. after finished I walk down and call texi to bring me back to hotel.I saw 2 japanese men waited for me.It's really cold that time.When they saw me they very happy (actually I don't know they happy or cold) they're shake and send me a small Chocolate's poster or handbill and say "Jeeja please please".A riceball is still in my mouth.I'm so confuse that they watched movie and still waited for me cos weather is very cold.Cos it's long time since movie is end and I'm have many interview to press too!! I'm so happy and sign my name for them.They're wait untill I step up on texi say bye to me.This is very impressive thing for me in this trip.



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